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  • Goldstar 300 SS ?'s

    First post, please be easy...

    So I had the opportunity to buy a Goldstar 300 SS for little monies and I thought it a prudent investment. It has been rewired for remote operation which is in the process of being undone, and I am 90% there save the contactor, which I can't seem to get to stay open most likely due to the coil.

    Anyone here have one of these that could give me a walkthru as to the wires specific to the coil? I am so close (it runs when you hold the ON switch) I hate to drag it to the repair shop for a 2 minute fix from someone who knows these things. Major thanks in advance...

    One more question, and I am a total welding n00b, it appears that this machine is fully stick welding capable as I have read from the new models on Millers website. What would it take to get this baby to TIG? I have no leads, gas, regulator etc which I know I would need, but is there anything I need to do to the actual welder to get it to TIG? I saw a high frequency device to add, but not sure if this is a necessity For steel TIG, could I hook up the tig torch, gas, and a foot petal and go?

    Really appreciate the help in advance. Peter

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    Sailah, welcome to the board

    I did a lot of searching on your question but could not find anything and I do not know much about the wiring inside. Here is a link from Miller where you can download an owners manual for your Goldstar and that should give you a diagram. Hope this helps.


    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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      You do know that it is a 3 phase only machine right?


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        Thanks for the links, I do know it is 3 phase which is why it was so cheap. When I rewired it from 208 3 phase to 230 3 phase, apparantly I read the transformer wrong which held the contacter closed. My electrical engineer buddy came over and spotted the mistake and I am now in business. Machine starts up and runs fine and stops when the stop button is pressed.

        Now I just need to learn how to weld...