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    New To This And New To Welding

    Originally posted by SLO Iron Man View Post
    So you have to have experience if you are still learning and upgrading your knowledge in welding aluminum
    HI Slo Iron Man
    I do have experience welding Aluminum but it didn't come easy I had to work at it twice as much as the other guys because they already had the know how as for me I would practice every chance I got on my breaks or lunch even after hours(nice boss's) but once I got it I kept at it and now I have surpassed the others with my quality and knowledge of Aluminum welding, so yes it does take alot of practice if you really want to be good at it but once you get the hang of it you will increase your skills and $$$$$ I now get 2-3$$ more then others in the shop because they don't know how to weld in all areas mig,tig,stick and to be able to weld consistently with good quality every time. So practice,practice as much as you can and you will get it, we all started welding at some point in our trade. Hope this helps you.
    Syncrowave 250/Coolmate-3-(home)
    RMS-14 (kisser button)-(home)
    Craftmans/S-K tools-(home)
    Grizzly 16" vert band saw-(home)
    DeWalt chop saw-(home)
    Craftsman 4"-7" hand grinders
    Lincoln 225 arc welder
    Lots of vise clamps(not enough)
    assortment bar clamps


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      than i guess practice is the key to this, I weld with just mig as i can't seem to get an arc going with a stick welder, and have never tried to tig weld. And I have learned through the school of hard knocks by trial and error. anyways thanks for all the input