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High voltage on 3/4" steel w/fluxcore

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  • High voltage on 3/4" steel w/fluxcore

    I am going to be welding some 3/4" steel at work and have been messing around with wire speeds and voltages. When I crank the voltage up to 30+ it seems like slag gets pushed ahead of the puddle. It doesn't happen as much when I crank the wire speed up around 600 ipm with .45 lincoln ultracore wire. The Miller calculator says 390 ipm and 29-30 volts which runs pretty bad, but I'm not using the same gas they specify, I'm using C25. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
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    Sray it!

    Use the suggested gas or nix the FXC and spray it (your basically there less the wire speed). I think you will be happy with the results?

    Good Luck..

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      I run 0.045" ESAB 7100 Ultra dual sheild 100% co2 on a Delta Weld all day on thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 3" 90% of the time and I pretty much run most everything at about 26.5 - 27.5 volts and 395 - 450 ipm wire speed for work in the flat, horizontal and overhead positions. C-25 will run a little bit colder than 100% co2 so you might want to run about 28 - 29 volts. Also anything 3/4" or thicker should be pre heated to about 200* minimum.


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        Try dragging?
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          id lose that stuff and run 072 232 wire. but thats just me. you do as you see fit. my opinion is like an armpit everyone has them


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            I also use .045 ESAB 7100 ultra dualeshield on 75/25 gas at 40 cfm
            and on thicker material I would set machine at 28 volts and 480 on wfs
            with about a 35 degree work angle and a 5 degree travel angle and push the wire. . .you parable want to make multi-passes
            . and you may want to keep the metal cool, below 350 degrees before you weld the next pass . this helps control warpage and the quality of the weld . you can cool it by blowing it with the air hose from air compressor and check with laser temp Gauge.

            also when you are pushing the wire make sure arc is infront of the weldpuddle, don't let the weldpuddle roll over infront of the arc. this will cause you to have slag entrapment in the root of the weld.

            hope this helps

            ............ Richard


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              will .035 wire weld 3/8 steel ok?


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                If there's slag .... drag. Never push dual shield. It causes slag entrapment under the weld bead. Unless you go vertical,..... of course.
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