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    well it really depends on where you work in my weld shop at the plant, i have a fancy miller with the eagle and flag on it, beautiful helment and theres not much danger of destroying it in the mig and tig shop, since we dont do any hmw, we do al fab and steel fab mostly square tubing, round tubing, tac welding nuts to plates for the industrial fan stands, But heres something to think about i only wear my miller when no one is around or if i dont have alot to help weld ( i dont personally weld the stuff im starting welding school the 14th of this month but i help position parts while there being welded, and work side by side with the guy that does the welding) when we get into the thick of it and the sparks are flying for the whole 8 hours i find im strappin on my jackson journeyman eqc. It is a shade 10 auto darkening, and it darkens fast i havent once gotten flashed by the arc. I trust my eyes with the jackson, and alot of guys say there number one, but the miller does do a good job, I just dont want to look cocky with a fancy helment in the work place.


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      welding helmets

      Hey earle, how you doing and welcome to this site.
      I agree with all the other post it depens on what works for you the best and something that you can AFFORD, I myself have a coouple of hoods(1) basic Huntsman #8 lens--yes this is a very lite colored lens and its not for everybody (2)Hornell speedglass utility autodarking#3-off-#10 welding,its very lite and yes after heavy welding all day your neck gets sore from flipping up and down so this is why I like the Hornell best. But like all the other guys have said use what works best for you and stick with it untill something better comes along,just my opinion hope this helps you in your search. I forgot the huntsman cost about $25.00-30.00 and the Hornell that I have is around $150-160
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      Craftmans/S-K tools-(home)
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      DeWalt chop saw-(home)
      Craftsman 4"-7" hand grinders
      Lincoln 225 arc welder
      Lots of vise clamps(not enough)
      assortment bar clamps


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        Originally posted by EdZep View Post
        Indiana Oxygen - IOC on Ebay
        Another vote for IOC. Great guys, honest, excellent pricing and FAST shipping.