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stick welding stainless exhaust

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  • stick welding stainless exhaust

    Hi all
    new here, I've been on the fence debating whether to get a MIG or stick welder. yeah I know most people would say go with the MIG, but for me getting argon would be inconvenient and I will be using the welder outdoors and be suseptible to breezes and wind.
    I've see stainless steel welding rods offered for stick welders so it looks like it's possible.

    Just want to get an opinion on welding stainless steel exhausts. I've see some rods offered in 1/16 size, so I'm hoping that won't blow through the exhaust material.
    I know vertical welding with stick can be tough, but I can always remove the exhaust weld so it won't be a vertical weld.