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Freud Diablo Carbide Blades

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  • Freud Diablo Carbide Blades

    Just recieved my case of ten blades from a vendor on eBay. Cost 35 bucks each and I was very pleased with the $$. However after looking one over good is says on the blade 1/4 max material thickness. I have a new Evolution chop saw (cold saw for lack of a better description). I understand that the saw can cut 2" thick flats. Have I purchased the wrong blades?

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    According to their web site the maximum wall thickness is 1/4" for the 7 1/4" circular saw (Rage 1) and 14" cut off saw (Rage 2).
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      Bob... Thanks I found that also shortly after my post. I should research a little before talking. My local welding supply displays an evo cutting a 3" solid!


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        We demo'd an evolution circular saw a couple yrs ago and cut several pieces of 3/8" and one piece of 1/2". Dont know how long the blade would last but seemed to work OK
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          I'll try to let you know the longevity of them. I am getting ready to cut a bunch of 1" solid