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Another shopping cart resurrection Miller 211

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  • Another shopping cart resurrection Miller 211

    After seeing Lindley's post

    I was truly inspired !!!!.. to not spend 80 bucks on a cart .. so off to Kroger I went to look out back where all stores keep there broken and abused carts .. sure enough there were several .

    I was looking for a small unit and ....low and behold there was one with a broken weld .. now I know they have service people that replace the wheels and such .. but welding is out of there realm

    So I went inside and asked the manager .. and explained it had broken welds and would may not be serviced ,such as just fixing a wheel .. remember to be nice when asking .. he said I could have it ... I said I would be glad to take it .

    so he met me out back .. and off to home this little gem and I went .

    I had checked on used shopping carts and the want like $150 for them .. so I was a happy camper .

    well first thing to do was break out the 4 inch grinder with the cut off wheel and cut the baskets off .

    I had thought of just doing a little trimming here and there , but changed my mind after looking at what materials I had to work with.

    I wanted to do a custom job .. lol

    After all the frame and wheels are really good .. and free to boot .

    so about 4 hours later here she sits .. a few add on's will ne in order to hang hose and such ... but all and all I like it .!

    thanks Lindley for the inspiration

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    nice job...looks very good. now you just need to get a miller sticker to hide the Kroger name on the miller blue handle
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      You're gonna get alot of good service outa that little baby. Kroger or not...
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        OK, now I've been inspired. My Miller 211 is on order, and my first project will be a shopping cart/MIG cart. I'm a beginning welder, so I need the practice and shopping carts are cheap. Mine won't be near as nice as yours, and I'm going to design it more similar to Lindley's cart, but thanks for the inspiration. Your's looks great and once I get mine going, I'll post up some pictures for you.

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          here's my first project with my 211... a cart of course. i'm new at it too....


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            Originally posted by gsport View Post
            here's my first project with my 211... a cart of course. i'm new at it too....
            That's not a bad looking cart. Is it made from all new stock?

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              Agreed, super nice, very clean and I like the wide stance for the casters on the front, very simple. I did something similar to old shopping cart one I had, really added stability.