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Welding tank storage project

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  • Welding tank storage project

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Jason (Friends call me Jay or Jbyrd). Been lurking here for a while and thought I would share a little project I did today. I recently remodeled part of my shop and needed to secure my welding tanks for my TIG welder to the wall. Now I could do it like any sane person would and use some chain and some eye hooks...BUT NO! That would mean my OCD would be cured and my therapist would be out of a job. We can't have that. So I designed the following using scrap on hand... Used 1/4 plate, some round tubing, and solid round stock. The solid round stock lifts out of the round tubing. Very secure and easy to remove.

    I am very bad about taking in process photos. I get so into "The Zone" that I forget to do so until the end as you can tell by the fact that I already started to prime the piece before I took photos.

    Any questions, thoughts, suggestions, critiques are welcome. Thanks!

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    Very nice.
    The only thing I could think to complain about is that when you unhook one tank all tanks get unhooked. I'm paranoid about high pressure tanks, so I'd have to remove the regulators on all bottles and install the caps just to change out one bottle. I don't unhook a tank unless it's capped. I might have also made the end of the rod hook into the back part. What size is that rod? 1/2"? Probably not going to bend and release the tank unless someone really smacks it.

    I'm not trying to whiz in your cheerios. Maybe somebody can use these ideas when they copy your design, and you know they will.

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      I like it ,Looks nice and clean. Mike


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        Good point Andy!

        On a redesign I'll make 3 individual round stock cages that can be removed independently. Good point, can never be too careful with those potential rockets!


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          Very Nice! work.