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Fan belt tool Did not want to spend the money!

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    fan cluch removal tool.

    A while back I was replacing my watre pump on my 1990 F150 adn had to take the fan off the fan cluch. When I went to auto zone they wahted $15 for the tool to do this when I got it I found out its nothing more than a 56mm wrench made out of 3/8 flat stock. it also had about 5 other wrences to use with other cars and trucks. I layed them out on some plate I had that just happended to be 3/8 and spray painted over them with gloss black so auto zone would not know waht I did, then I cut the mouth of the wrench wiht a grinder to get a good exzact fit on the size ofthe opening for the nut and just torch cut the outer edges of the wrench because it was faster and cost less. I think you could use 1/4 or 1/8 you might need to strengthen up the 1/8.
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