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cst280 for learning pipe welding

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  • cst280 for learning pipe welding

    anyone have any exsperience with this machine at 1 phase for pipe welding.Need to go with an electric machine for now( 220)in garage.welding 12inch pipe.6010 and 7010 rods are what i need to use up to 5/16- 7010 rod for cap.i dont no if its true bbut the smaller electric machine dont handel the 6010 rods for root pass very well.i hate to spend $2000.00 on a machine, that if i get my certifications for pipe on gas line.I wont be needing this machine anymore cause all our trucks at my job are the big lincoln machines.I cant use these machines in my garage cause of noise.any one have exsperience with any inverters for pipe thank you

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    it was my understanding (or was at least told that when inverters were coming out in the late 80's to early 90's,the steping in and out of the puddle while welding with 6010's were too much for the circuit board to handle.causing failure.if it was i dont think its a problem anymore,have used various inverters to put in 6010 roots in the last few years.can also say that my little maxstar 150 aint failed yet after burning 200 lbs of 3/32 6010(welding 20 and 18 guage galvanized steel.)i feel that your machine is more than adequate for your needs.
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      I've used this exact machine many times and it's very nice. Inverters are quite advanced now, I would buy one if i had the money.

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