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Volt sense lead on 22A wire feeder

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  • Volt sense lead on 22A wire feeder

    We just got a 22A wire feeder at my work and I am having some problems getting the voltage read-out to work. The manual says connent the volt sense lead to the work, which I did, but I still get no read out. If I switch between wire speed and voltage really quickly while not welding I get random readings for a split second( 54.9, 3, 11.5, random numbers). Has anyone else had this happen or know how to properly use the volt sense lead?
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    Clavacle, I have a four year old S-22A wire feeder with voltage sensing connected to an XMT 350 CC/CV power source. My S-22A's voltage sensor is working fine, but it sounds like yours needs repair. If you need it fixed, I suggest that you contact a Miller authorized repair shop.

    As I understand the voltage sensing feature, it is intended as a voltage double-check where continuity may be a problem or for use where the power source has no voltage readout of its own. I have found that with the small to medium projects I've done, the S-22A's voltage readout is identical to the XMT's. I try to keep the ground clamp connection clean and close to the weld. This is why I seldom use the S-22A's voltage wire clip anymore. I hope this helps.
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      I got a wiring diagram from a Miller tech guy and there was a couple of wires and switches we had to change to get a voltage read-out. The voltage reading jumps around a little but I am just happy to not have to do my settings by large numbers, I can really dial them in. Awsome!!
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