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hunting season ( deer cart )

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  • hunting season ( deer cart )

    Hunting season is almost over so hopefully I'll try to put this to use this wknd or the following wknd. Haven't seen many animals this year, but it's snowing out now so hopefully this wknd will be good. Seen these carts for around a 100 bucks, sad that it cost me about that in materials. 60.00 for the wheels from northern tool. Would've like to use some old bike wheels, but these use 1/2 axle, where a bike wheel is 3/8. Plus these have bearings in them. Should work fine for a deer, maybe half an elk at a time. Maybe next year I'll build a heavy duty one for elk.
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    Looks nice! How do ya shoot half an elk? Just kidding...
    Professional firefighter (retired). Amateur everything else I try to do...
    Oh yeah: GO BIG RED!


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      Nice job!