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Flowgauge problems

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  • Flowgauge problems

    How come when I turn any one of the three flow meters on the ball goes up the tube when you first crack the valve of the tank but then sinks out of site. How can I know what kind of pressure I have at the torch. When I first started to tig I used a machine that the flow meters small ball would float up to about 20 lbs and stay hovering there until you shut off the gas. What is the story with the ones at the shop Am I missing something or are they defective? They are all the same brand and model. Thanks for you time and input.

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    My first flow meter was the ball type. When you turn it on, the blast of pressure makes the ball jump, just keep turning the knob with the torch flow going and set your CFM. Don't stop turning after the ball jumps. You need to set the flow meter with argon flowing out the torch.


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      As the gas flows into your previously unpressurized hoses you will see the ball rise, showing this flow. When the lines have equalized to whatever pressure the regulator is set for the ball will drop to the bottom. The ball movement shows flow and not pressure. The 20 setting is CFH or Cubic Feet per Hour and not pounds pressure like a gauge does.

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        Flowgauge problems

        In order to set the flow on your gauge, turn the gas on and on a mig box open the side and disconnect the drive wheel tension and pull and hold the trigger while setting flow rate. This is with a ball type flow meter.