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My first project, welding cart (disaster cart gone good)

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  • My first project, welding cart (disaster cart gone good)

    Soooo at first, this project was a effing disaster! Then it redeemed itself

    I found a filing cabinet, and cut it into two drawers. I had it in my head that I wanted to use the cabinet as a base for a cart. Good idea, I thought, until I saw it 'finished.'

    I couldn't even move it around the garage. It was so low it scraped, the casters were junk, $30 out the window I thought. WRONG! Let's try again...

    Round two...

    Put the filing cabinet on the ground where it belongs...

    And make the REAL cart!

    The next step is to get some round bar and put some places to hang things

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    I like the way the bottle is surrounded and protected. The convenience of the welder being up is good. I noted you have the extended feet to give it balance so it doesn't tip forward. How is the side to side balance? Seems a bit narrow and would want to tip on it's side if hit hard enough


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      If hit hard enough it would tip in any direction

      It's surprisingly sturdy in all honesty. I'm going to be putting some sort of 'cage' around the regulator just in case it decides to fall over on me one day.