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Small Rolling Welding Table/ With Vice Plans?

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  • Small Rolling Welding Table/ With Vice Plans?

    Im looking to build a small table with a vice to weld on. Wheels are a must for the mobilty around the shop. I have a bigger table, (when i need to get aggressive) this would be just to hold a couple pieces while i zap them together. I guess i would have to have a top with angled out legs to support the vise, so it doesnt topple over from the weight. I guess, im asking for a rolling vise....Any ideas for me?

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    yup, start stacking pieces together until you get the desired product.... its how most of the rest of the world does things like this... build it really cool and might even be able to sell a few....just sayin

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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      Hey Lee,
      Here's a pic of the mobile stand I made for my dry cut saw. It is quite compact & very stable. You can see the basic design & just configure width/height you need for your application. I made mobile stands/carts for all my shop much easier moving things around & if necessary, finding one of those "lost" items that just happened to disappear. Maybe will give you some mental fodder to contemplate.

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        Weld a table top to a section of square tube and have several hitch receiver tubes stationed around the shop. Lot more secure than a wheeled cart and almost as portable...maybe more so.
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          Thanks guys....Now i have too many ideas to chose....haha...Just kidding! On my days off, i will go back to the shop and see what works best.... Thanks again, Lee ( ANy more ideas, keep em comming)