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restoring a thunderbolt 225v

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  • restoring a thunderbolt 225v

    Hi, I am restoring a Miller Thunderbolt 225v, and in the process of removing wires going to on/off switch I broke one of the ends off the switch trying to loosen a nut. My question is where can I find a switch for one of these? Or where can I find a switch that will fit in it's place that is made the same way. I have tried the miller site, Lowes, Ebay, internet. I can not find anything. I would appreciate any help in finding a replacement switch. Thanks in advance.

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    Try a switch for Lincoln

    In the early 1990's I bought a Thunderbolt and wanted a longer cord. Upon tightening the new cord lug onto the switch, I cracked the switch. The switch for Lincoln 225 stick machines and 200 series Powermigs fit in. The new 216 PowerMig has a different switch. Actually if the welding store doesn't have a 40 amp switch that looks similar to yours they can order one directly from Miller.


    • #3 Manuals have parts lists.


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        Thanks for the help guys