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oxy/acet torch VS. forge?

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  • oxy/acet torch VS. forge?

    ok, i have watched a zillion videos of people using forges to bend, and manipulate metal. say i have horshoes and want to twist and bend them, would a forge be cheaper than a tank setup? imo a torch setup may be cheaper because i can turn the torch gas off when not being used, as a forge would run most of the day of propane i guess....can anyone clear this up for me?

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    Depends how much bending and twisting you want done.
    For small isolated bends or twists on a single piece your better off using a O/A torch

    Forges are used if you want to manipulate a larger peice or if you have multiple pieces to do at once.

    Propane forges are cheaper to run by the hour but like you said with the o/a torch you can turn it on and off more easily.

    I have both but for general welding a fabrication needs, o/a torch should be the higher priority


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      I have a bypass valve on my forge so when your not needing it you just turn a gas shutoff valve off and the gas goes through a needle valve around the shutoff at 1 psi so it keeps the forge going but uses almost no gas. A propane forge is much cheaper to run as opposed to O/A.
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