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    Anybody have any aluminum gadget ideas?

    Something small / simple to build and hand out with cards?

    Looking for something someone will keep on a desk or in the shop, pen holder maybe. Cards alone just don't cut it.

    Going to have some free time by working 4/10's in the coming months.

    Welded razor blades are cheep but don't help with aluminum and probably get tossed.

    Maybe some of you engineering artist have an idea?

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    Bottle Opener... maybe have 'em engraved even.


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      How about a business card holder? Been thinking about designing one out of SS for when my daughter gets her Master's Degree and CPA in the spring.
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        first, try looking through any of the general "promotional items"
        companies that are around (googling "promotional items" should work
        for you). you might get some ideas from all the gizmos they offer
        (try looking through Miller's "company store" :-)
        one i've used for other things is port city graphics in portland maine.
        look for their web site -- it might give you an idea of the kind of places to look at.

        second, how about
        - some kind of big paper-clip-thing (like a big bulldog clip or the clip on a clipboard)
        - name plates -- spell someone's name out in a bead; you'd have to know who
        you're speaking with ahead of time of course...
        - make a little toy welding machine



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          There are a number of "puzzles" out there that are essentially bent rod and sometimes a piece of string. The kind of thing someone might leave on their desk or counter for visitors to puzzle over. Twist them the right way and they come apart, but they can be a real headscratcher otherwise. A google search for metal puzzles would find examples and they should be easy enough to make up from stainless or aluminium. Here is one link.