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easy turn engine stand...bearings ???

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  • easy turn engine stand...bearings ???

    Ok, I"ve done the search thing and can"t find exactly what I"m looking for so here"s the question...

    I"m looking to build a replacement for my wimpy engine stand. It did fine for a small block and some sixes, but my next project is a 460 that will top 700 #s fully dressed. My stand will hold the weight but it"s a strain... and turning it is near impossible. Grease in the head end helped some but....

    I want to build something with bearings in the "head" that can support the load and turn easily. I borrowed one once that the Nat Guard built for deisel engines and it was sweet. Bearings front and rear and it turned like a dream. bolt thru welded nut on top applied the brakes. Seriously heavy duty. I"ve heard of one built with the end pieces of truck/car rearends cut down (with the axle bearings in place) and using the axle for the center rod the engine mouting plate was welded to. Also heard of some using front car spindles or trailer spindles.

    Anyone got any plans or pics of what I"m talking about. 700#s is a pretty good end load so it needs to be somewhat substantial... I"d rather have one that turned too easily and I had to adapt some braking than one that I can"t turn at all by myself (which is how I do most of my work).

    tia and Merry Christmas to all of you here.