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First project (round 2) - Welding trailer

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  • First project (round 2) - Welding trailer

    I have been out of welding for quite some time. After getting rid of the wife that convinced me to stop, i decided that it was time for some fun again. I am building a custom welding trailer to get all my equipment mobile that was bought with the sale of the Ex's stuff. It all started with a boat trailer with a 3500# axle that I picked up for next to nothing. The pictures explain the rest. If you have and questions, comments, concerns, please let me know, as many heads are better than one. It's good to be back among the living and welding!!

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    Welcome home!
    Can't wait to see how skinning that thing turns out
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      Where do you live at? Looks like a great view from your place!
      Flooring? Is the steel mesh your flooring material? You might want to consider something solid.
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        Welding trailer

        @ nocheepgas - I live in Birchwood, Tn. I can look out over the valley and watch the sun set over the far mountain everyday!! I love it out here!! The steel mesh is my floor for a reason. I am going to put a Geo Metro muffler piped to the outside on the Miller Bobcat 225 going in there and I want to be able to run it with the wings and doors closed. If the entire floor is open mesh, then there wont be any problems with the Bobcat breathing. The mesh is stainless and 1/4" bar mesh - SUPER heavy duty. Not to mention, I welded it every 6" to 4" channel. To say the least, no flex anywhere!
        @FusionKing - I will be skinning it with the same colored sheet metal used on home roofs, with the exception that it won't have the ribs stamped into it. It will be flat with stainless sheetmetal screws every 6". I have a tendency to overkill everything, and the skin is no exception. It will be the 22ga, white powdercoated stuff from the local roofing supplier. Underneath every square inch will be 1/2" plywood. I just finished the plywood on the roof today and will be enclosing the sides next weekend. Then the weekend after that, putting on the skin and loading the equipment. It will also be completely wired for 110v and 220v outlets, a 100A breaker panel, and a full 12v charging and lighting system. Also, I will be wiring in an outlet so I can feed the house in the even of a power loss. 4 freezers and no juice would be a bad thing! I am still designing some things on the fly as needed and finding more and more things that I plan on incorporating in the design, like foldout workbenches on eash side, flourescent lighting, even a red beacon to alert others when I am welding. I will probabyl have to custom fab some of the hardware that goes on it, but.....I don't mind one bit!!! I don't have that annoying voice behind me anymore telling me to come inside and start on a honey-do list. i will post more pictures next weekend when I start working on it again. Hopefully soon, I will have the time to come up with a name to put on the side. Any suggestions would be welcome. Luckily for me, there is a big demand for my talent in this area, so making money will be easy. It's the advertising that will be the hard part.