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Drilling depth for posts in concrete

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  • Drilling depth for posts in concrete

    I can't remember where or when I heard it. But I've always used one and one half times the material thickness for the depth of a hole for pipe or tubing.

    So a one and a half schedule forty pipe would be approximately three inches. (1 7/8" X 1.5 would be 2 3/4")

    I don't believe I pulled this out of the air. I'm comfortable with saying it's something an engineer or someone close to one told me.

    Am I wrong?
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    I belive you are correct, but remember that's minimum.


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      Originally posted by Ray C. View Post
      I belive you are correct, but remember that's minimum.
      I'm glad you mentioned that. It is the minimum.
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        A little diffrent but same princable.

        I always use 1.5 of the outer dimension for my depth. My experience comes from some college and working as a rigger for some time. My reasoning is this, if you are bolting something up and you only screw in the bolt 1/2 of the OD of the bolt you are not getting max tensile strength of the bolt you must go the OD+1 turn to get max tensile strength out of the bolt. I always shoot for the max, you wouldn’t help pin a weld would you? No you want a full pin. But this is max not min so you make the call on what you need.
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