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  • POS cheap wheels

    I am working with 3/16" 304 stainless. I forgot to pickup 4 1/2 wheels for stainless at my LWS , so when I was in Rural King I bought one cheap Buffalo brand and another Forney brand.
    Long story short, the Buffalo shattered, it just missed my head. The pieces hit both sides of the garage and my tig. My right hand got a few hits. Just blood, nothing more, very lucky.

    The cheap wheel ad string reinforcing on the top and the bottom, not through out.

    I knew better, I only use the good, or at least better, quality wheels.
    A few bucks saved is not worth it, not to mention the el cheapos go away fast.

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    Glad your OK

    WOW, the main thing is that you are ok other than the loss of a little blood. You may want to tell them about this where you bought them. They may not even be aware of it, could be that you were the first it happened too.

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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      Duct tape?
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        OK, but for what?


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          But what about the Forney?? I worked ok for you didn't it?
          I've used them for years and they are fine for the price. They make a good aluminum wheel and also make many other private label brands as well I believe.
          Those to companies are not in the same league and shouldn't even be used in the same sentence...IMO

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            no more buffalo

            sometimes we take for granted that anything will do but it is not always the case and we dont always wear safty glasses .the other day i was cleaning up some rusty parts on a wire wheel on my bench grinder and a piece came off and went in my eye so long story short eye doc had to grind rust out of my eye.and try to stay away from buffalo grinder wheels . glad your ok .