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Lincoln Handymig 100 question?

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  • Lincoln Handymig 100 question?

    Hey guys, i have a backup welder apart from my 210. Its for when i just wanna flux weld something and dont wanna set up the bigger one.

    My question is that the wire is always hot. I heard from some people that this is normal on this model of welder. When i push the trigger, the wire comes out perfectly. Its kinda a pain in the ***, cause i am so used to the wire only being hot when the trigger is pushed.

    If anyone else can enlighten me thanks, as i don't wanna fix something that isn't broken.

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    I had from, a deal, a little 90amp century. The wire was always hot. I did not like it. The welder was to small anyway so I sold it. I got 100 bucks for it, way more then it was worth. I think the always hot wire is normal for the lower amp (cheap) machines.