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How to build a car dolly??

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  • How to build a car dolly??

    Hello everyone, I am new here and just curious to see if anyone has built a car dolly before. I am interested in building one to save all the hassle of towing cars around. Thanks for the input.

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    I built 20 or so in the early 1980's. I also made some ones that turn on the tongue. I will try to find some pics. Go to a place that sells them and take some mental notes...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      vehicle wheel dollies

      I would be curious to know how to make wheel dollies for moving cars around in the shop freely in any direction, I have seen them before but did not pay much attention at the time. Those are probaly going to be some ultra expensive casters used on the dollys. Anyone got an Idea of reccomended caster ratings? IE if one wheel dollie will hold 1000 lbs do the 4 casters each need to be capable of holding 1000 lbs each or just some percentage of the weight?
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        wheel doilies for moveing car around swop go to harbor frieght $39
        miller 330 a/pb tig miller 175 mig
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          do you know what they are rated for
          Time to learn & Time to burn...