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Welding cart for my Miller 211 and Hypertherm 45...

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  • Welding cart for my Miller 211 and Hypertherm 45...

    Just bought a 211 mig and a powermax 45 and want to put them both on a common cart with an area to put some tools and consumables. Has anyone made a similar cart or have any ideas or pics of their own setup?

    I was thinking of taking a cart in the link below and putting the machines on the bottom shelf bottle and building a bottle rack on one side. It's got a few drawers for rods, tools, consumables, etc...

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    I have a cart similar to what you've shown and doubt it will work due to the construction of the cart /tool chest and the space underneath.
    I think you would be making more work for yourself than designing and fabricating your own.

    The main problem I see with the cart you show, is that the chest is one piece and then you would need to extend the base out to handle the extra weight of the cylinder of shielding gas so that it won't tip over.

    Just my opinion...


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      If I wanted to keep it simple and use that cart I would get some angle iron and go after two things.

      First I would want to widen the foot print so that the casters were out on the perimeter. Second I would want to build a platform on each side for the new equipement. The gas bottle could be centered on the back of the cart.

      Two by two eightn inch angle for the new base that matches the foot print of the combined new equipment, the basic cart, and the gas bottle. One by one by eighth angle for the platforms for the new equipment.

      It could be so slick it would make WD 40 look like glue.
      life is good