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  • Shameless self plug- new website

    Here is my new website. Always look forward to y'alls responses. We are pretty excited about this as its our first after nearly 14 years in business. Thanks for your time.

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    Nice work.
    life is good


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      a few glitches to work out but looks good.
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        Your work looks good but your portfolio pics look terrible on my computer. Blurred pictures, out of focus, sized incorrectly. The split gate doesn't line up. When the first pics start scrolling sideways, much too fast if you expect people to read it. I'm not trying to run you down, but I could be a potential buyer. Put only good pics on your site.
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          Monte, thanks for the criticism. We are still workin on getting good pictures placed on there. I have been having to go back and take pictures of previous work and am working on my photog skills. I only have a small collection of work pics. Always seemed to be more anxious to get to the bank than snap photos. Thanks for looking.


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            Have to agree with Monte. Need better pics and a little tweaking of the layout and setup if the scrolling pics.
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              like others have said the scrollin thing hurts my head... makes it too much to take in too quickly.... just sayin. like mine, its short, simple, and quick. shows a brief over-view of some work without being fancy and slow...

              a close friend is a marketer for some big time ad agency up north and he told me that the faster and simpler that i could make the layout, the better off im gonna be.... just my .07 (inflation)

              nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal