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    Hi, Some pictures of an electric go kart that I made for my kids a year or so back.

    The kart has a welded steel frame and motor mount. It is a simple welding project and uses stock sizes of square tube section. My kids love driving it and the project has created lots of interest.

    We've set up a website with plans for the kart and lots of other useful information at

    If your looking for that next welding project have a look at our site. It is pretty easy to build a the kart and it out-performs any commercially available electric kids kart.
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    I like it.........good to share any info on motors and electrics
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      Thank you for the comments.

      Yes, the kart has a 500W 36V MY1050 motor controlled by a 4QD speed controller. We used 3x12v 12Ah lead acid batteries - this gives about 1-2hours running time depending upon how hard the kart is driven. A chain drives the left rear wheel using mini-moto sprockets.

      We've found the 4QD controller to be an excellent device, it allows speed and acceleration ramps (both forwards and in reverse) to be set. This is pretty important for slowing the kart up for younger drivers. Unrestricted, the kart can do 12-15mph on a full charge. The accelerator pedal operates a bell pot that sets the speed of the kart. We fitted a battery condition monitor to give an indication of how much charge is left. The speed controller produces a regenerative braking effect that really slows the kart up. A disc brake is also fitted.

      We installed a separate lighting circuit. This powers the headlights and tail/brake light and a colour-change LED under the floorpan - night driving is great fun!


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        Yeah, but how do you provide that properly annoying sound with an electric? Just kidding, cool project! I like it alot.
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          That's just too cute! Nice job.


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            Nice job. I like the tinwork. Mike.


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              I’m about 22 yrs of age now, but I remember we were young usually having fun with with certain toy ride on go kart that individuals had within our kindergarten back yard.


              Electric Cars For Kids
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                Electric go kart


                Thanks for all the comments - just to let you know that the plans are now free to download from our site at Whilst I've been welding for a while my website building skills are still catching up..... We've made a few upgrades and changes to the site and generally refreshed things.



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                  3D PDF as a welding project design tool

                  We've been using 3D PDF files as a really useful, interactive, way to share our kart design.

                  Our conventional plans are free to download at and many of our customers asked if there was an easy way to visualise the kart in 3D.

                  We've made a 3D PDF file and you can see some screen shots at 3D PDF can be viewed in Adobe Reader 9 (or higher) - free to download - and is a great format for sharing welding project designs. Have any of you guys used this format for developing project designs or for sharing them?

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	3d_pdf_screenshot_4.gif
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                    Sweet looking ride, clean work, nice job!



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                      How much does it weigh? Thats a pretty long run time. My son is outgrowing his powerwheels. I need to start a project in building him one. Mod the one to run 18V which makes a difference.


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                        Hi, The kart weighs about 35kg. The batteries are 12kg (3x 12v 12 Ah lead acid) and the motor weighs c5kg (36v 500W). Whilst the kart is not particularly light, it is robust and has pretty rapid acceleration. You mentioned the run time; this worked out to be much longer in practice than theoretical calculations would have you believe. If the kart was driven flat out constantly then run time would be a lot less (c40mins). After extensive testing we've found that kids don't drive flat out all the time and gain a bit of charge back through the regenerative braking system when they slow up - this gives the much longer 'real world' run times. You could easily build the kart with a different voltage system - just watch out for the cable spec to make sure that it can handle the expected peak current. Let us know how you get on.