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Rebar on a Bar B Q Grill ??

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  • Rebar on a Bar B Q Grill ??

    Anyone ever use rebar on a grill? We have a lot of 1/2" & 5/8" and two 30" fire pits. I don't know if the rebar will sag when it gets hot??


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    Rebar works great for grills. It will sag, so just put a couple of cross pieces under the grill surface. My dad has a grill made of 1/2" that is 3' long and 2' wide. It has two cross bars and not a single bar has done any sagging.

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      Does the beef stick to bumps on the bar, any time i've heated rebar to bend it, it gets all flakey, is this a problem.
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        or you could use 1/2 round soild stock or 3/8 or whatever size wanted

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          no reason it won't work. i've done the same thing


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            No, I think I would pass on this. It has been tried by many cities and states and it has some disadvantages. It does sag and overall does not hold up to heat real well, especially so if you are doing some large cooking.

            It does flake a bit, but does put some iron in your blood.

            It will also burn out fairly fast if used often.

            That said, if its a small BBQ and you are just going to throw on a few burgers from time to time go ahead and use it. But if you live down south, like where I come from (Texas) where we BBQ just about year round, you will not find many folks using it and no one using it again.
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