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Lift Arc vs engine drive tig.

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  • Lift Arc vs engine drive tig.

    Can anyone compare set up and functionality between say a CST 280 set for Lift Arc tig, and a Bobcat 225 set to Tig? is it essentially the same thing? Is the arc start the same or am I missing something? If I only want to do DC Tig from the Bobcat 225 I dont need any high frequency component do I? just the same setup as the CST?

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    Set up for the CST and Bobcat are the same with the same torch, etc. The main difference is that the CST has lift arc which keeps the current and voltage low until an arc is struck, then it will go to preset current. The Bobcat does not have lift arc so it will go to preset current while scratch starting which leads to the tip of the Tungsten sticking into the base material. I hope this answered your question.
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