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    Hello, I am a highschool student and i am taking welding and I need a project plan (drawing, measurements etc) but I have no idea what to do! i would like to maybe build a desk or something for my room please help!

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    Take it one step at a time, make it easy on yourself.
    1. How big do you need it? length, width, how high.
    2. Looks for the material you need. Tube legs, round sq ect. Material for the top. Material for the frame again what type of tube ect.
    How do you want to fasten the legs to the frame or top. Weld or bolt?
    3.Drawers or no drawers.
    4. Look around on the net for a steel desk and get some ideas or even ebay. Just my thoughts...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      yeah... well idk throw some ideas at me, like I said i ahve no idea what i want to do, i was orginally thinking a locker of some type. ummm I have a hockey jersey i've wanted to do something with. but like I said jsut throw some idea out at me. I would like to build a trailer for my dirt bikes but have no idea what to do for that. Just run some ideas past me and i'll see if I like them. but here are my 3 top ideas and if possible would like someone to run a design by me. Desk for my computer, a Safe or a trailer
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        Why not visit our projects gallery...........lots of ideas
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          Talk with your teacher - I'm sure you're not the first student they've had with that problem. They may have a set of "known good"plans (that fit the capabilities of the shop,etc)



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            wow you got a cool shop kid

            at my old HS first second and most of third year you had structured project unless you could prove you know what your doing and wont break or damage the equipment cause my school shop was shutdown years before i got there the teach bought all the equipment and ran it like fab shop students were payed to build him 45' horse trailers in the 3 and 4th year classes and night classes.

            ya check out the projects section i built a small flat deck trailer for project cars, or my dirt bikes or anything that didnt fit in the truck bed.
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