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    Hi, my name is Mark. Just signed up for this forum and I'm totally enjoying it! I'm currently a B.C.I.T. student in Vancouver B.C. I would love to start my own mobile welding business in the future and can use as much guidance as I can come across. Any advice with regards to equipment, vehicles, billing, and promoting such a venture would be pure gold! Also, people's experiences, both bad and good, would be excellent. Many thanks for your time and for making this such a great forum!

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    You would be much better off to simply search for your answers and also just join in our conversations than expect everyone to jump in with that many questions...I do respect your enthusiasm tho and welcome to the board.
    Try the motorsports side as well there are several people from your neck of the woods there and they do all types of welding as well.
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      thats a lot of info for one post.
      break it down into a few category's and do some searches. do some looking at mobil rigs/trucks , those post will give some great info on good and bad idea's when building/buying a truck. there are also some posts about insurance, as well as advertising . consider what type of mobile welding you want to do. pipe, fence or whatever comes your way.
      getting some time out in the muddy before jumping into your own thing will be a great asset. spend some time with the guys that been doing it and learn some tricks of the trade. learn the most often mistakes and try to avoid them.. spend some time with the search option here and on the motor-sports side. lots of truck builds over there . lots of good info in them.

      welcome good to have ya.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        Hi Mark.
        Im only ten minutes from BCIT (bby), If that. I'm over by the mountain. Welcome aboard. Look for COALSMOKE on the Motorsports Forum. He's in Langley, has his own rig(s) and is knowledgable. I started a thread called "Hey Coalsmoke" if you bring it to the top, you'll make a new friend.

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        Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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          Welcome, Mark, from Ont.
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