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Can you see the airplane?

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  • Can you see the airplane?

    My 38 year old son is still into the RC airplane thing. He took me with him once to watch him fly his new craft. First flight with new craft, telephone pole. So I made this to commemorate the event...
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    ha thats great those things are dangerous for gas models theres a field were people fly them next to BMX race track one broke apart and the 5lbs engine came down and hit the dirt and drove it self 4 feet into the dirt

    anyway its a cool project
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      About 25 years ago, 3 of use went out to watch a grumby friends maiden flight on a plane that he'd been working on for months in his spare time. He got it about 6 feet off the ground straight into a power pole at 50 mph. The look on his face was priceless, The three of us rolling on the ground must have been the same.


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        Thats just mean, very funny, but still mean