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    Can someone set me straight? Looking for a machine that best covers my bases. Portable, welds 7018 and 6010. on schedule 80 pipe. And can take home and weld 1/4 aluminum off 230 single phase light fabrication. Looking at a dx200 or a syncrowave 200 if we forget portability. But are having doubts as to their ability to handle the alumin. Would I need to go to a dx350 or syncrowave 250? Have used the 250 for years and know the capability of this machine, Just don't know how a dx200 or a syncrowave 200 would stand up. Suggestions?

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    if 1/4" aluminum is a steady thing, you should look at a lil larger. guys have done 1/4" aluminum with there dyn200's but it's as its upper limit with little to no duty cycle. properly prepped, with pre-heat and properly adjusted the dyn 200 has a great deal to offer, but full time 1/4" aluminum is not the best choice. you really need more amp's, but i suspect you already know that and were just hoping for a miracle. if the aluminum is not so often the dyn200 may well fit the bill. i just don't think you would want to be doing lot's of 1/4" aluminum all day.

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    you have some tuff choices ahead. best to look closely at your needs. its a lot of $$ to lay out, if its for work it will pay you back soon. but as a home toy it gets harder to justify the big $$. i went with a TA-185, much less $$ . i have yet to try 1/4" aluminum but have had great results on 3/8". mine is a toy so its $$ was a huge thing. had it been for work i would have saved the extra $ to go Dyn 200. 1/4" and above would just have to go to some one else, or be a small job until i could find an old syncr 250 or 350 to put in the corner. that may be a possibility for you down the road. i have seen some great looking aluminum beads done on a old syncro 350 i would have thought was dead for years.LOL pick them up for under a $1,000.oo all the time.
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