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Miller 5th annual project challenge...

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  • Miller 5th annual project challenge...

    Hey guys,
    I got a phone call from Nicole at Miller Welding this afternoon to inform me that my entry, the V8 Mailbox I posted here, was selected as one of the finalists in the Moderate Difficulty classification. To say I was semi-speechless would be an understatement. Unfortunately, extreme family complications do not allow me to go to Appleton, WI for the Shootoff and disqualifies my entry.

    I want to extend my deepest gratitude & am honored to have been selected by the judges as one of the finalists. I can only say... THANK YOU MILLER!!!! The recognition of my project to be selected as a finalist is enough of a prize...... you made my day.


    Here's the pic of my project...
    Attached Files
    * Complete welding, machine, & fab shop *
    * Mobile unit *
    * Finally retired *

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    Well done Denny.
    Shame you can not go and pick up your trophy as that mail box is a winner.

    Grip it and Rip it


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      Congratulations! Sorry to hear you can't attend the showdown. I like the mailbox goodwork.
      Miller syncrowave 200 runner with coolmate 4
      and wp2025 weldcraft torch
      Miller 125c plasma cutter


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        Congratulations on your project making the pick and sorry to hear you couldn't follow up on it.
        MM200 w/spot controller and Spoolmatic 1
        Syncrowave 180 SD
        Bobcat 225G Plus LPG/NG w/14-pin*
        *Homemade Suitcase Wire Feeder
        *WC-1S & Spoolmatic 1
        PakMaster 100XL
        Marquette "Star Jet" 21-110


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          We got the call from Nicole this morning. It is a day maker for sure. Mine is in the easy category.

          Something most of you will appreciate goes along with this. A week ago this morning my wife was in surgery for a colon resection. I got her home Monday afternoon. I told Nicole I would have to talk to my wife before I commited to the event.

          My wife's position was that if she had won a trip to be on the Oprah show and I couldn't go because of a work commitment she knew I wouldn't expect her to stay home. She saw this as being as much fun for me as being at an Oprah show would be for her.

          Gotta luv the lady.
          life is good


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            Sorry you can't make it Denny but I understand a guy's got to take care of stuff at home before anything else. I'm sure its a great feeling that you were selected - you should be proud of that!

            Wroughtnharv - congrats! Hope your wife is doing well and good luck at the showdown!

            My phone will probably be ringing any minute for my invite.... ya right


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              congrats Denny

              sorry you can't make it to get the gold