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Im in need of 350P spatter help

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  • Im in need of 350P spatter help

    Hi everyone, I just bought a Miller 350P, It seems weld great but im getting alot of big spatter in the pulse mode. I know the pulse is supposed to eliminate some spatter, so im sure im just doing something wrong. Im welding coped tubing joints mainly 1.5"round tubing with .095" wall thinkness, and im using 72 25 for gas, and .035" wire. I also just heard I should be holding the tip of the gun about 5/8" away from the work piece. Any other ideas that might help me out with the spatter??
    Jake Powell

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    You could try pulsed spray transfer with a 98%ar 2% oxy blend or even a 95%ar 5%oxy for gas. Since you'r running with a pulser you can run spray out of position or on sheat metal or even both and all with virtualy no spatter.


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      Try reducing the amount of stickout. 5/8" sounds a little excessive to me.

      Are you using the Bernard Q gun? 300 or 400?

      What are your other parameters (V and WS).

      If you can't get it to work properly, I'd be happy to trade you for my MM251.
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        I think some of your problem is your gas mix. If your running a 75% Ar 25% CO2 that is used for short circuit transfer. Go to a 98%Ar-2%O2 or 95% Ar-5%co2 mix for pulse spray. I use the 95%ar-5%co2 mix and have no problems with spatter. I ended up getting a Smith proporational mixer and a twin bottle rack on my 350P. I was getting too many bottles and buying the premix from the LWS is higher. I can go from welding Alum. to s.c. mode to pulse spray without changing bottles just the settings Good luck


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          arc length-48
          wire speed-375
          sharp arc-25
          q300 gun

          thanks for the input, here are my current settings, if they look ok ill try some different gas.
          Jake Powell


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            Which one should i try first??

            What should I try first the 98-2 or the 95-5?
            Jake Powell


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              yep sounds like the gas is the cause, couldn't tell you what mixture of the two to use as i've only played with the pulse spray a little and can't really say which will give you better results.


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                Your wire speed is too high for .035 wire on .095 wall. Should be around 200 fpm and if your having any burnback issues try setting your run in to 80. Charts show arc length 50 -wire speed 200 for 14 ga.(.090) Sharp arc-25
                The chart is also based on 90%AR 10%co2 I would go that route IMO. I have used 5% and 10% co2 and the only differance is the higher % co2 or o2 is going to be hotter. Again I would stay with what miller has set their parameters on - 90AR 10CO2


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                  i didnt check to see if it was said before, but you are going to have to use a 90/10 mix argon over co2. atleast a 90 % argon mix. dont try this in short circuit mode because the gas doesnt allow enough heat into the weld but if you are going to use pulse or spray transfer YOU HAVE TO USE ATLEAST A 90/10 MIX ARGON AND CO2

                  nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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                    90/10 the MM 350P's programming was written around that gas mixture. You can also short circuit with 90/10.


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