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Does anyone know the average shop rate for welders in texas?

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  • Does anyone know the average shop rate for welders in texas?

    I usually charge 45/hour when I'm welding in the field, I just got my shop finished and I'm wondering if I should charge the same for shop work? Any suggestions?

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    You bet!

    Your shop costs money too! Here in So. Cal we charge 55 bucks an hour for both field and shop time. However, we also charge a trip charge when doing location work if it's less than 2 hours of work and always charge a trip charge when taking something in to the shop from the customers and bringing it back!

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      JH, it all depends on what you are doing and where you are. My field rates are 65/hr with a 2 hr min for normal stuff, alu and dual shield prduction work comes in at 75/hr and really wierd stuff is higher. Shop rates are going up on 1/1/08 to 45/hr for most work. Wierd and exotic will be higher based on what it is and whether or not I want to do it.

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        Wow 65 per hr, well we dont get 2 hr min!,so it basically the same,,Portable heli arc is 95 per hr, all. ss. Im 10 mins from 3 big marinas, and if they can afford ( a 200 grand yaught),and they need you NOW (you know how it is) Well i have no problem taking 150 bucks cash,for a 1: all weld!!!!!!

        I have the eqipment, all tig,no mig, and they dont,,I would of been in the new shop in 2 weeks,but,i been plowing except for a couple of breaks,and Just got in now,,3:45 AM!!!!!!!!!!! And will be back out Hopefully by 6 am,,But basically the state is closed, Where im at all snow,ice,snow,ice,snow,and a real nice coating of ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My aching Back!!!!!!!!Pooor truck,,

        Shop work,to me is the best,,yours is new and a year from now,you will see,Take care Pal,Jack
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          $40 per hour here for shop rate. Don't do any road work. I also charge a shop fee depending on what I use. Plus mark up materials. Seems I'm about inline with everybody else. May do a little road work[local] latter but right now I don't have enough time. I too have marinas all around
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            I'm not in TX (Louisiana here) but I charge $65 an hour shop or field with a 1 hr min in the shop, 2 hr local roll out and 4 hr min if I cross a river or go over 20 miles from the shop. I know that just across the line from TX in NM (it was 45 an hour in 1995) the rate is 65 an hour as well. Shop time is the same as field time. I charge the same rate for aluminum as mild steel, stainless and cast iron are the same hourly, but they pay for the rod by the pound. A good guide is usually look at what the local mechanic shops (not the shade trees) get. They are usually very close. Keep in mind you have higher overhead due to all of the consumables involved in welding.

            It's a rare customer that won't squall about your rates no matter what they are. I am higher than some, cheaper than others. I have never lost a customer to a cheaper welder though. Well, I will put it this way, they might use him once but they always come back and they never complain about the price again.
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              Jolly Roger is right to look at your local Mechanic shops.I live 40 minutes from Omaha,Nebraska and i charge 65.00 per hour,to and from included for mobile,and 55.00 for shop work.Exotic items i charge accordingly.Ill test the market occasionally to see if charges should go up.The first of the year is when i like to do that as the other local shops seem to raise there prices then.Dont sell out and work to cheap just to get the work,all that does is lower your standard of living,and we need to raise it!With a shortage of qualified welders in this country if we stick to our guns and dont let the "man"beat us down,we will all make a good living.Good Luck
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                I weld mobile aluminum. I look at what the marinas charge. I get $100 an hr for a least 3 yrs now and that is about what the good marinas all get.
                I get the same in the shop 'cause I could be out on the road instead.
                Texas seems to be lower rates than here.

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