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HF problems on Automated TIG welding system

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  • HF problems on Automated TIG welding system


    We had manufactured an automated TIG welding system; all its control is done with electronics (microporcessor). It works ok when we have the high frequency off but as soon as we activate it the system stops and resets.

    We have tried everything, i.e. all controls are in metallic cabinets with wires over 4m, earth of machine and control are different, our power source for welder and control are different, etc.

    This problem happens with our new Syncrowave 250 but doesnt happen if we use our old welder (80's). As we have seen the old welder have less high frequency power, tugnsten almost must be in contact to part that it is welded but in the Syncrowave 250 can weld with distances over 1cm.

    Any idea?
    a) We dont know if Sycrowave 250 has some kind of potentiometer (internally because outside you cant control power of high frequency) or some way to increase/decrease high frequency. It seems that it is very high then affects our electronic system and it re-starts or freeze.
    b) How can we protect our electronic system from HF, protect them in metallic cabinets (grounded), to have independent earths for welding and electronics, have all system including earths in less than 15meters, to have all wires with out any connection and have them connected directly... all this has been done and it improves performance but we cant get a complete cycle, we can finish one and system is reset, later we cant complete 15 cycles and later we can finish 2 cycles, etc. etc.

    I really will apreciate your help, we have done everything and we have better results but we cant reach more than 5% of cylces properly finished.


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    Well, the 250 is easy, just tywrap the first 2' of work & torch lead reasonably tight together after leaving the machine. This will reduce the HF transmission every where else by around 90% making for a much smoother arc at the torch.

    It should have a HF freq controller under the panel where you stick your leads into as well.

    The Synchrowave 200, you'll have to put into soft arc as apposed to the medium arc the default calls for.