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    does anyone happen to have a set of plans for making a rod drying oven? i have a small work shop (12x16) and i need to make something small. thank you

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    Does this need to be code compliant?

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      no it's just something for my home shop . thank you


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        Since you are not in a code situation you need to check the manufactures recommendations for baking and storage. Since you did not give any info on the electrode you are wanting to "bake" I would guess (hate to do that) they are low hydrogen electrodes.

        For storage you are going to be looking at roughly 250F. For baking roughly 700F. These are the low end temps from D1.1 and should pretty closely match the manufacturers recommendations for low hydrogen electrodes.

        As for making a storage/baking oven you may find something if you use the search function but it may not achieve the recommended holding temps.

        I suspect that unless you just really want to make your own you might be able to find one used just as cheap.

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          How many lbs. of rod do you need to store in the oven? Some of the smaller ovens, say 10 lb. capacity, are pretty affordable. When I say affordable I mean the price difference between building one and what a factory built one would cost. I have seen used ones for sale on Ebay. they are usually the larger variety out of an industrial facility. The small ones do come along now and again, but I really did not note the average price used. Then you also have to tack on shipping $$$. I should mention that these were storage ovens and did not get hot enough to bake a Lo Hyd. rod that had been out for a while. Phoenix rod ovens has some smaller models.
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            I bought a used Gullco for $100 from my local equipment rental store. Can't build one for that.


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              ok thank you for the help guys


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                I needed a "non code" oven for my home shop use. I used a piece of 8" pipe with a 6" electric stove eye in the bottom of it. I've got an old dutch oven lid for my top on it. It seals, but not very well. I stuck a pocket type thermostat in it and it's holding at appx. 200*F. It's hold around 15-20 pounds of rods. I keep my leftover, opened Lo-Hy's in it. I need/want a portable oven for the truck, but this has worked for the time being.


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                  I used an old electric oven I picked up at a garage sale for $50. Set it at 250deg. Did that for about 6 months then bought a 20lb unit, and sold the oven for parts.
                  I broke even on the old oven and I like the factory 20lb portable alot more.

                  Online new units are from $150. to $1500. depending on the size
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