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  • Round Plate Source

    Does anyone know a good online source for some round 1/4" mild steel plates around 12" in dia.? Thanks!

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    You may want to check with a local fabrication shop. Often times they cut flanges out of plate and the center (the circle) is thrown away.

    I've gotten several pieces like you describe from 6" to 18" out of my buddy's dumpster (fab shop). Thickness has varied from 1/8" up to 1". One 18" piece made a great base for my grinder stand. The only problem (minor) is that they have a slight notch in one spot where the plasma started the pierce cut and then moved to the edge of the circle. If it was critical, it could easily be filled with material and ground.

    How many do you need and where are you. I'll be checking the dumpster in the next few days. Amazing some of the stuff that gets thrown away. Just last week I picked up a nice 8" WF I-Beam from there (7' long). Also, two sections of 4" 1/4" wall square tube (about 9' in total). Will make a nice working/bending beam once I throw it together.
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      Dumpster diving

      Thats good advise, I'm always one to check a dumpster, you are right people throw away some good stuff. I'm in tampa but thanks for the thought...