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Mig'n SS pointers!

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  • Mig'n SS pointers!

    i have a project coming up and was wondering if anyone could give me some poitners on mig'in stainless.. 16ga 304 or 316 (depends on how much i want to spend) i cant remember what grade wire i have.. ill post back when i get to the shop.. i basically making a couple of boxes.. so the 4 long sides (hopefully) will be welded on the insides.. and the top and bottom caps will be beaded on the outsides.. either way.. all the welds will be 90 deg joints.. outside and inside.. i have two tanks.. 100argon and c25.. can i get by with the c25? or do i really need tri mix.. i know joint prep is important.. i have a dedicated stainless wireweel (on my right angle) and a dedicated stainless wire brush to prep.. i also picked up a bottle of 90% isopropyl and lint free rags to pre clean the joints before i weld everything

    any pointers will be great! normally dont mess with SS

    edit: sorry.. ill be using my millermatic 210 .. if i can find a small spool ill use my spoolmate but if not ill have to stick with my 11lb SS spool.. the spool that i dont remember the grade of.
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    You can use the 75/25 gas, its not textbook but it is the better choice than using pure argon. Tilt your part after tacking and run a downhill. You will have to move pretty good so don't doodle...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      a gas mix for welding stainless makes all the differance in the world, talk to your gas supplier and see if you can work out some kind of deal to get a bottle of gas for your project
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