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    Originally posted by Jigantor View Post
    Hy Hockey,
    I did not start this topic to bag Snap on.
    That said we have found here in Australia that Snap on has a time limit on the life of a tool. If the tool is older than the time they will not be replaced.
    If the tool has been abused or you are the second owner again the tool will not be replaced.
    If an air tool is out of the one year warranty period by a day and dies they will not fix it under warranty.

    yeah, i was talking about the credit limit. My tool guy talks me into buyin stuff constantly, im an easy sale, haha. He calls in to Snap-on "yeah you can buy a bigger toolbox, i just increased your credit limit for ya" If its that easy to increase it, why have one? And I know about the service deal. I bought an air ratchet that was used, and it started gettin real weak, i had to pay for repairs


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      Hi Hockey,
      So Snap on are the same the world over.
      A bit like McDonalds.

      Grip it and Rip it