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Chainsaw Rivet Spinner Made.

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  • Chainsaw Rivet Spinner Made.

    Another project where i needed a welder and a metal lathe.
    I needed one of these since i "retired" and have lots of chainsaws to play with. I can get chain cheaper in rolls but you have to connect the links. So i built my own rivet spinner. My dad had one years ago and i remembered how it worked. I made the hardned anvil from a drill bit held with a hidden set screw. Worked pretty good on the chains i tried today...Bob
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    Bob Wright

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    Chainsaw Rivet spinner

    Hey looks real nice Vernon


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      looks better than oregons tool good job


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        ***y little tool nice job
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          Nice....please send me your plans....all of them.

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            That looks great, I agree with the statement that it looks nicer then what one can purchase. This I would like to keep in my head for a winter project.

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              Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
              Nice....please send me your plans....all of them.

              nice build, sir... clean lines n all... i would buy 1

              nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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                wow great design i have something like that for my dirtbike chains but never thought about making one for chainsaws
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