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Air Tool Hanger

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  • smooth72
    My version. I only add a mount when I add new air tools that way I know if something is missing.

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  • Jigantor
    started a topic Air Tool Hanger

    Air Tool Hanger

    I have started this thread to show an air tool hanger I made.
    I am not suggesting that it is the best or the only way to make one.
    This is just to help or motivate others.
    Experts will find this boring.

    Every time I start another project I use a bunch of air tools.
    These air tools balance on any horizontal surface until bumped. This sees them crashing to the floor.
    These are not all my air tools but just the ones that are used in welding often, often enough to never see them back into the tool cabinet.

    Today I was sick of moving them out of the way so I decided to make an air tool hanger.

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