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Aluminum Tiging

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  • Black Wolf
    My bad. Thanks. I use a really old Syncrowave 250 at work.

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  • Noisy Nova
    Originally posted by Black Wolf View Post
    What makes you think you have 170hz, North America is 60Hz.
    He's got a Dynasty, AC output frequency is adjustable.

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  • Black Wolf
    What Polarity?
    What Tungsten?
    What Diameter Tungsten?
    What Alloy of Aluminum?
    What Allow filler metal?
    What Diameter filler metal?
    What type of shielding gas?
    What flow rate of gas?
    What method are you using??? Dip or Constant Feed???

    Now directly from your post:
    What makes you think you have 170hz, North America is 60Hz.
    What makes you think balance of 70 is correct? Do you know what it means?
    What makes you think that the welding procedure you outlined is anywhere close to what is used in proper GTAW welding?

    What made you think you were anywhere close to being ready to self learn how to GTAW anything, let alone Aluminum.????

    If you cannot answer all of my questions, you need more education.

    Sorry for sounding rude....You really bit off a mouthful with this one. From your questions and comments, you have a slow learning curve and a long road ahead of you.

    Good Luck.


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  • bob_e95482
    It takes a lot of practice. Get your aluminum clean. Do a search on welding Al on this site. I have a transformer machine & use pure tungsten. Do a search on which tungsten to use for an inverter machine, & how to ball it.

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  • El Guanche
    started a topic Aluminum Tiging

    Aluminum Tiging

    Im teaching myself how to weld aluminum on a dynasty 200 dx.
    Im welding a 1/4 inch tang to a 1/4 inch plate Ihave the machine settings as follows amp 170, hz 170, balance 75. Is it right? my welds are strong but ugly how do I do the scale pattern do I have to make stops and then move or do I have to change the torch from upright to raked and move and put it upright again...