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7018 vertical advice

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  • Black Wolf

    Follow the link. It should answer all your questions. No point in re-typing everything again.

    If you require further help. Let us know.


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  • swyman
    started a topic 7018 vertical advice

    7018 vertical advice

    I can do some beautiful welding in all positions but vertical. I have done some nice looking vert in spots but there is NO consistency and I have tried a lot of different ways. I have had people so me but they cannot produce that perfect vert weld so I am asking you guys (and gals if any out there) what do I need to do to get that pretty vert weld? I have been running at usually 88 amps with 1/8" filler on 1\4" metal. I usually do a straight weave back and forth slowly going up and keeping a tight arc but find it difficult to keep the fire going. If I turn up the heat I get excess build up in the center and it looks like a giant glob of crap! I have researched Millers tips but can't get them to work right. If someone could show me a video I could do it no prob. I am very good at seeing it done and replicating it. I have good skills but lack the correct manipulation. My overheads look like my horizontals but am frustrated that I can't master the vert! Please help!!!!!!
    Modern Metalworking L.L.C.