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    a while ago i picked up one of these gizmos

    its a switchable magentic ground clamp.. i like it alot and its nice to get the grounding point closer to the point of weld for my MM210.. i was just curious if you guys think that the magnetic field that it has would screw up my welding at all..

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    While in the company weld shop one of the guys was using one of those on a big (BIIIIIG) header. On one of the last welds it put an arc burn in the middle of the pipe. Last I saw it, it was flying out the door.


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      I have read . . .

      I have "read" that a magnet anywhere near a MIG puddle will pull the puddle and deform your bead . . .
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        Try tigging next to a strong magnet sometime. Doesn't work so well.

        Some objects and projects are more suited for a magnetic ground than others. If you were doing a fuel cell, for instance. You could slap the magnet on a side far away from your work area and not have to worry about the clamp disrupting your ability to set the box flat. Working on a welding table would resolve this, but sometimes that's not always possible.

        I wouldn't throw away a standard ground clamp for a magnetic one, but I can see where it might be handy to have from time to time.
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          Once a field has been magnetized, DC is worthless and you have to switch to AC (not a great alternative). I don't know if your tool would do this or not??

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            After using those red triangle magnetic squares, I dont have much time for magnets unless you use the real small ones to hold your work long enough to tack it. Unless its me, the two were never made to use together.

            What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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