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how to paint bbq pit

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  • how to paint bbq pit

    i got an old pit thats real rusty and id like to repaint it. the lowes close by has hi heat spray paint, is there something better that would work? how do i prep the pit? i didn't build the pit but ive seen a lot of bbq pit builds on here so i figured there would be someone here that knew how to do it. thanks

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    Sandblast it to get rid of the rust and give it a coat of POR 15 Black Velvet good to 1200 degrees.
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      i dont have a sand blasting machine lol. and i dont really feel like paying to have it sand blasted unless it would be pretty cheap. i would be willing to pay like $100 to have it blasted and then paint it myself that day but not much more...


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        Sand the pit and treat it with Jasco Metal Etch and then spray paint it with Rustoleum or Krylon High Heat paint. I've done a few of them this way with good results.


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          Take a flap disc to it to remove the rust if its just surface rust!


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            For a pit or smoker that you want to keep and last, there is no substitute for proper preparation! If you are going to do this yourself and save money, get the right materials and do it right once!

            I agree with the abrasives to strip it down but when it comes to the coating, I side towards the Por-15 Black Velvet. It is more expensive but much stronger and more resistant to anything else a person could apply themselves!

            Common BBQ spray can paint may last but will come off with the slightest hint of solvent like Brake cleaner or carb cleaners.