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Receiver Hitch Cargo Carrier Plans?

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  • Receiver Hitch Cargo Carrier Plans?

    I am looking to build a receiver hitch mounted cargo carrier and I was wondering if anyone knows of or has any plans. Thanks, Dan

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    It shouldn't be too hard to get you started without plans. You know what you want to haul on it right? You have a receiver hitch right? So get some tube for inside your hitch. Do you want it to hinge up or stay flat? So if it hinges maybe add some extra length to your hitch tube. Just make the frame from some angle iron like 2x2x3/16" or so. Then put some exp metal on the angle frame. If you want it to hinge just have the frame made and see what you need to hook it on your rec tube. Shouldn't be too hard to make all the parts...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      I agree with Bob...easy enough project. Here is one example from Miller's project board posts:

      Depending upon the weight of your cargo, you might want to add one or more braces at a right angle on each side of your tube going into the receiver and welded to the frame of your cargo carrier to distribute the weight better. I added a swing away turnbuckle to one side of a swing out hitch mounted bike carrier to keep the load from end with a eyebolt to a welded tab on the carrier and the other a hook end to attach to one of the chain hook tabs. For a cargo hauler it wouldn't hurt to add one to the other side as well...they're cheap insurance.
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        Here is one I did (