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    Me having a concussion makes it difficult to bend over or I get really dizzy, so I had my brother who is also a decent welder come over and weld it up. I ran the torch to keep it hot and to help bend things back into place. Basically what happened is the people didn't want to pay 25.00 to have the pontoon trailed out of the water so they pulled it up to the beach as far as they could going very fast with the engine raised way up (burned the impeller, upper and lower housing up that was 120.00 just for parts) and they took a 4 x 4 truck and hooked a chain to each tie down hole in both pontoon floats and got it up on the beach but ripped the front out about 12-16" down on one pontoon float. The owner had an estimate for a shop to do it for 500.00 or a new float for 3,000.00. I did it for 400.00 and when you see it you will not believe what people will do to try to save 25.00.....this cost over 600.00 to fix the float and engine.


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    After with 2 pin hole leaks about 6" above the water line, he burred them out and fixed them. It held 6lbs. with no leaks Should last a lifetime.