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End of a TIG Weld Pass Puddle

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  • End of a TIG Weld Pass Puddle

    Why is it that when I finish a pass close to an edge, peddle down and it looks like gases bubbles in the weld escaping. Any suggestion on how to prevent this?


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    Are you talking about a really short distance at the end of your pass? I had a problem for a while when I was at the end of my tig passes that sounds somewhat similar to yours. I figured out that if I slowly rolled back my current right at the end and let the gas stay on it for several seconds after the arc was stopped I stopped seeing the bubbles. I don't know if this will apply to your situation but hopefully it may help. Adam
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      Same here.
      If i step off the heat at the end of the weld, the puddle will shrink back a bit and there will be a small pit in the very center of the bead.
      So back off the heat just enough to solidify the bead, and then heat it back up a bit and back up a little. This seem to leave a fairly decent finish to the bead.

      What picks my A_ _ is when the very end of the work "falls off" or melts becuase i didnt back off the heat. Too busy thinkin 'bout girls or sumthin....
      Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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        Tonight I'm going to try welding in from both edges and then filling in the middle. My part is only 1/2" wide and after milling off the excess I really need the 1/2"

        Thanks for the help, Looking for a mentor in Houston, TX N.W. Side to show me some tricks.